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Misha just mentioned at the All Hell breaks Loose Con in Sydney, that it looked like Ben Edlund would not be returning to the SPN writing team next season, and would be going to work on Kripke's Revolution.

Yep, probably officially Done with Supernatural next season. You are welcome to defriend me now.

I know that Edlund has been controversial, but I do think that he's produced some of the best episodes this show has had. I'll tell you what--(this was going to go on a massive post I need to make sometime soon, but it fits just as well here)--we've been in the process of catching up on SPN--we've got five episodes from this season left; just watched "Freaks & Geeks" last night--and I've noticed something: I had been really lukewarm-to-outright-dislike about most of the episodes this season, but a handful that we've recently watched, I've really enjoyed. Those handful were "LAARP and the Real Girl", "As Time Goes By", "Everybody Hates Hitler" (yep, I liked the Nazi episode; sue me), and "Trial & Error." I also enjoyed "Mans Best Friend with Benefits" and "Remember the Titans", but mostly because it was nice to see another strong black woman on the show who didn't die (MBF), and I like it when I can guess the lore/situation literally before the title shot (Titans). And you know what I realized all of these episodes had in common? No. one, none of them involved Castiel or that horribly portrayed Naomi character, and no. two, only one of them was written by Robbie Thompson (and it really surprised me to learn he was responsible for LAARP).

It's not that I don't like Castiel. I like Castiel fine. I just hate hate HAAAAAAAATE his storyline this season. Hate. And I'm enjoying the "monsters of the week" episodes much more than the angel myth-arc this season.

I think Thompson is a pretty lazy writer, a suspicion bolstered by the fact that pretty much the entirety of "Goodbye Stranger" was cribbed from already existing episodes of the show. The scenes between Castiel & Naomi were extremely reminiscent of the scenes between Dean & Cas & Zachariah at the end of season four, and the whole Castiel-Dean beat down scene was almost A COMPLETE RECREATION OF THE BIG FINAL FIGHT IN THE FINALE OF SEASON FIVE. He even took a famous line from LotR: RotK and adjusted a few words and stuck in final scene between Dean & Sam in the car. Lazy. Do you think I've not been watching this show for the past eight seasons, Mr. Thompson? Because I have. I remember. And I resent you trying to transfer the feelings I had for that confrontation between Sam & Dean in season five to Castiel & Dean here in season eight, because it dilutes the impact of the original scene while also not allowing me to form any sort of emotional attachment to the latter. Well done.

If nothing else, Edlund has lived with these characters for a very long time. He's familiar with them in a way Thompson couldn't hope to be (I've never liked anyone else writing Castiel, to be honest. I think Ben should be entirely in charge of all the Castiel scenes forever), and with each exit of the old writers, new ones are brought in. New writers like Robbie Thompson.

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